The $41,035 Worth Coffee Cup!!!

Yeah, yeah we do know that a nicely brewed cuppa coffee would taste much better if served in style. And by that we don’t mean extending your budget to a couple of more dollars for the brilliant set of china at the lifestyle store. To begin with, how does $41,035 sound to you? Well, it is no imagination but a diamond cup and saucer actually come at that price and that is precisely the reason why they have been creating ripples eversince they stepped into market.

A creation of Berlin-based porcelain manufacturers KPM, the coffee cup in refernce has been madde from the finest available porcelain. Complimenting the shiny finish (which by the way, will dazzle you with its brilliance), are gorgeous patterns done up int 24K gold and cobalt blue. The contrast is striking. Most definitely, this one’s ‘Luxury for Luxury’s Sake’.

Coming back to the design of the cup and saucer combo, we find that the shape of the cup is conventional with a slight designer edge being given to the holding loop. It is actually the saucer which has a rather unique shape. The circular edges curl up to give a bowl like appearance unlike the plate like structure we know so well. The combo is more like a cup in a bowl. Hey, did we tell you about the two huge diamonds that will be staring into your face! Well, one is on the cup and the second one on the saucer. We don’t know if this would be a sensible buy in this economic slowdown but if you have lots of money, we sure it wouldn’t hurt you that much.

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