Hand-Carved Mammoth Ivory Coffee Table Costs $300,000

Coffee tables are not just for your magazines or for you to throw your feet on when you’re relaxing while watching TV. They add a sense of style and richness to your home, provided you have selected the right coffee table and have the dough for that luxury.

This coffee table with a glass top stands at 8o cm measuring a width of 100 cm. But of course, that is not what is special about it. All the beauty of the table is in its legs. Made from mammoth-ivory, the legs are intricately carved completely by hand. The glass top appears to sit on the back of a whale fish attached to circular carved rings. The carving on the ivory legs is amazingly detailed and the whale appears fascinating, frozen in the pose of a relaxed dive.

Mammoth ivory is not a banned product like elephant ivory since it is a fossil ivory. Not surprisingly, the table is up for sale at the exuberantly high price of $300,000. You have a choice between getting this table for yourself or making one with chicken bones.

Via: Luxuo

mammoth-ivory table

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