Gyro Swing: Hi-fi Trainer Golf Club Costs $200

Golf, the gentleman’s game, isn’t for everyone and that is made obvious by how expensive a set of golf clubs can cost you. Apart from that, golfing lessons can cost hell, too. Instead of waiting around all day listening to your trainer teaching you the perfect swings and trying to emulate him, ditch him and let your golf club teach you.

The Gyro Swing is a training club with an internal 20,000 gyroscope that helps you sense the feel of the right swing. With a see-through grip that is intended for the perfect hand placement, the club aids golfers with casting problems and helps provide resistance for off-plane or early release swings. The head of the club is made from metalwood and is transparent with the gyroscope enclosed within. Powered by six AAA batteries, the Gyro Swing comes with a head cover, recharger pack and a Rick Smith instructional DVD for additional golfing tips.

Distributed by SKLZ, the Gyro Swing costs the hefty sum of $200 and is good enough to have been featured on Golf Week TV. Note, though, that improving your golfing skills may still not impress your boss.

Via: OhGizmo/Uncrate


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