Cinier Impresses With Crystal Radiators

Don’t we appreciate our modern lives, where everything in our house has a great functionality and a stunning appearance that is both uncomplicated and simple. And Johanne Cinier is one person who has decided to keep up the same futuristic tradition by designing his new stunning Swarovski Crystal Radiators.

Marketed under the brandname of Cinier, there are two options of the radiator to pick from — Black Diamond and Cristal Yellow. The names themselves are suggestive about the color of the radiator, so you can decide which one suits the accent of your home decor better. And you don’t have to doubt its appearance for Swarovski crystals are all over to woo your first glance and the ones coming later too.

The radiators are manufactured from Olycale Stone which is a known radiant alternative to metal. In other words, it keeps heat in. Naturally, Olycale Stone is white in color which is then borken down and formed again to make it suitable for highly efficient heating. This basic quality forms the structural backdrop of the radiator, which is later given a dash of vivid yellow or elegant black and then decorated with SWarovski crystals.


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