Keeping Dates Was Never So Much Fun Before!

The calendars of today will soon be history. The new Living Concept 2009 is a revolution in the drab and boring world of mm/dd/yy. Yes, this cool calendar is just right for the moving times of today because a single glance at it can inform you about the weeks, months, holidays as well as time in an amazing way!

Maksim Biriukov is the brain behind this concept, who has designed the calendar under the Newwave project. The Living Concept 2009 displays holidays, time and the date in a rotary format.

There is a large hand in the mechanical calendar that indicates the current date and month, ready to make a complete turn after 365 days. Similarly, the smaller hand points at the current day of the week and the hour, all set to make a turn after completing 7 days.


The best part is that this futuristic calendar even highlights public holidays, religious events and other important days. Then there is the whole fun of expeeriencing this cool concept. The Living Concept 2009 will reach the markets by mid-December at a price of $84,950.


Via yankodesign

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