Glassy Speakers by Niagara!

Here is a design that is a glass apart, oops, I mean class apart. Speakers are finally speaking up about their cool quotient. It is gaining popularity as display item. And with the revamp it’s been getting it deserves all the attention. Latest offering is the Niagara loudspeaker from the house of Waterfall Audio. Sleek glass case sure catches the eye. And it’s not used just for the sake of aesthetics. The Niagara is made from a specially designed diamond glass, not only a stately material; it also helps eliminate unwanted vibrations owing to its high density. A luxury speaker with a difference!

Some of the parts are hand-stitched with Nappa leather while others are machined from solid aluminum. The glass horn tweeter is crossed over to the two 7-inch midrange drivers, while the 8.26-inch woofer sits at the bottom of the loudspeaker. The glass cabinet designing gives the illusion of floating drivers. It might lack the bling-Q but it sure goes well with the association of glass/water with it, clear and deep. Not down in performance in any way and a lot different from the regular wood veneers and solid paint colors, this head-turner is Tagged $53,000 per pair!

Via He Magazine

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