Crosswater Rio Light Circular Shower Head: De-Lightful Shower!

There are many modern versions of the spooky shower with faint yet intense LED lights to make them appear really fun, but most of them remind me of Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers where someone is in the shower illuminated by red light and inevitably gets killed. That may not really make a great ad for the Crosswater Rio Light Circular Shower Head, but if you have no such pre-conceived notions, then you will love its vibrant colors. RIO is a brand new ultra thin shower head providing a spectrum of stunning color effects with 96 LED lights programmable by a key pad.

The shower can change lights and shades at the touch of a button or pre-set settings and if you can add matching music to it, then you will get yourself a great ‘Musical Shower Show’. The low consumption LED lamps create a column of water and light with a diameter of 400mm working perfectly with 3 bar pressure. The shower head also includes the shower arm to add to your delight. This is also supposed to save power in your shower with low consumption LEDs and with the dark background and dancing colors this delight is yours forĀ 2,192. For a very special shower, that is a cheap bargain indeed!

Via: coolest-gadgets / bigbathroomshop

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