Audi Calamaro- your Future Flying Car!

Jetsons was a cartoon show that was envisaged on the future and the future is here! We have waited long enough for our fantasies of a flying car that will save us from the jammed traffics and it seems likely that in a date close enough we will be living those fantasies going by the number of flying car concepts that keep coming up every other day.

Developed by a design student, Tibor, for a design competition, organized by Porsche Hungary, the Audi Calamaro is a futuristic concept that looks like a cross between a boat and a ski or even a compact jet ski with seats encased where the rider becomes a driver or maybe a glider will be more apt here. Inspired by the bone of a cuttlefish, the shape sure seems true to its inspiration and sleek too. You can already form a vision of the fish transforming into a ready to take of mini flying machine. Though how exactly will that happen seems to be some part of some camouflage engineering as you can’t see any propellers, thrusters or even exhausts for that matter.

We can only wait for such concepts to actually take off from the ground and fly out of our imaginations intangible to the tangible reality!

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