Incredible Submarines lets you submerge in style

If resisting gravity is what pulls you, this news is just for you. Even if all of us cannot afford a submarine of our own, the vicarious pleasure of knowing about one can raise our adrenaline to new heights.

The long time masters in the industry, U.S. Submarines have brought out a 2-person model submarine called the Triton 1000. Being lightweight, it can be comfortably deployed from any medium sized yacht. Better still, one can fit it behind an SUV or a truck and make go.

Now imagine the pilot sitting inside it, fully comforted by cushioned leather seats. Who would want to come out of such a dream machine?

But if you are not one of those who only dreams but also act, there’s pne more reason to own your own submarine (pun intended!). And that is because U.S. Submarines provide piloting and maintenance training to the owner or crew with no additional cost. So, lets give wings to our fantasies!


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