Stay Dry In a Water Jet Massager

If that drop of shower is what you crave for after a tiresome day at work then here is something that will satiate your longings. But if you belong to high-end section of the industrial hierarchy or are being identified as a tycoon then an ordinary shower won’t do for you and hence free feel to enter the Dry Water Jet Massager. Installed at five-star resort spas, the exclusivity of the device resides in the fact that it can offer you a full-body water jet knead without getting you wet. It uses aromatherapy, tranquil audio, and video to pacify your palpable, acoustic, and ocular senses.

Whist your head relaxes contentedly on a cushion placed outside of the unit, those 28 nozzles inside the canopy distributes accurate, stimulating rivulets of water that imitates the philosophy of shiatsu, or “finger pressure” massage. Hence on striking with the malleable polymer sheet, it offers an impermeable blockade between you and the nozzles (enabling accessibility while wholly clothed).

Monitored by 28 microprocessors, the effervescent water jets alleviate aching physique and joints from your shoulders to your ankles, devotedly forming the deep-penetrating beating modus operandi privileged by qualified massage counselor. You can easily regulate the water pressure, temperature (75° to 105° F), and pulse hiatus (2 to 10 cycles per second), and program the device to focus on detailed weight groups along with the touch of the LCD control panel. The inclined padding- position of the head offers a clear view to the incorporated 7? LCD screen with DVD entertainer in comfort. Without any second thought, you are free to unite an iPod or CD player and eavesdrop to your favorite beats via the integrated headphones from Bose.
And now bottom line that would do justice to my aforementioned statement about its reach for moguls. It is retailed at $29,500.

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Dry Water Jet Massager

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