Cirrus Vision SJ50: A deluxe Private Jet

Officially christened as “The Vision SJ50,” the Jet by Cirrus Design is a deluxe miniature airliner flown by a single pilot. The Cirrus Vision claims to unify the finest of both i.e. high performance single-engine class and very light jet type. Cirrus takes pride in tagging it the slowest, lowest and cheapest jet accessible. Power-driven by a Williams International FJ33-4A-19 engine, the plane can take wing at about 300 knots at an utmost commissioning altitude of 25,000 feet.
Its spherical outline allows more internal space and the detachable seats can house around seven people. The plane features revolutionary V-Tail design, high-tech avionics and flight systems with a fat bonus of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

Cirrus Vision SJ50
Cirrus Vision SJ50
It is being told that the Cirrus Vision SJ50 had its first 45-minute flight last week that was performed from company globally at the Duluth International Airport, Duluth, MN.
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Cirrus Vision SJ50

Cirrus Vision SJ50

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