Elite Find of the Day: $6,500 Sports Simulators To Enrich Your Gaming Spirit

Three cheers to these simulators or rather our gaming spirit that has given manufacturers enough reason to devise one. If you are tired of taking a ride over racing simulators or airplane simulator and even golf simulator fails to interest you then its time to revamp your gaming room and populate it with latest exciting stuff. Alright….which game do you prefer to play to kill your stress? Tennis, Baseball, Bowling or enjoy fishing? Well, I am not organizing a gaming tournament but just dropped in to feature the simulators available across al diverse categories’. Thanks to VST! Priced at $6,500, each simulator is designed maintain the thrill of the game.

The VST Tennis Simulator is developed to allow players hit back strokes and volleys with the same timing as in a real life Tennis Match detailing eight diverse characters to choose from with assorted skills counting serving, volleying and controlling shots. The entire package includes a high-end PC, Pro Projector System with Projection Screen plus four courts i.e. British Grass, French Clay, American Hard Court and Australian Hard Court

VST Baseball Simulator

The VST Baseball Simulator was devised following the philosophy of simulating the entire baseball experience and not restricting it to hit a ball or throw a pitch. The game lobby can accommodate up to eight-players to start off playing the tournament against a team selected.

VST Bowling Simulator

The VST Bowling Simulator takes bowling fun to an altogether different level. Here your speed and direction of roll influences the point where the ball finally strikes and hence brings smile to your face. It is open to entertain up to eight-gamers in one go. Its customized nature enables you create your own bowler.

VST Fishing Simulator

For enjoying the live fishing action, just stay in touch with the VST Fishing Simulator. Offering you a feel similar to that of standing out on the lake whilst staying indoors, it is a real fun to identify your bet and shed any way you like – overhand, from the side or underhand. You are free feel to use any of the 12 lures available and follow bass fishing techniques i.e. “reeling in and stopping” until you notice what works for you. Each of the five-tournaments has three difficulty levels for each site. Are you ready to grab the goal for the highest combined weight of the three largest fish? For completing each level, you must grade in the top three for the competition, across all five fishing locations. The screen offers a clear vision of the direction of lure hallway, fish location (including depth), lure depth, time left, and the joint total weight of fish that you wedged.

Sports Simulators

VST Tennis Simulator

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  • I don’t get it. The Wii was designed to do the same thing, just with less graphic appeal as it is cartoon-ish. But the possibility of a more enhanced virtual gaming using the Wii wouldn’t cost $6,500! What’s so ‘special’ about this elite gaming system to demand such a price? I’m confused!

  • first of all i do not like giving out my e mail address. the last time i did that was to papa john’s to get a pizza cheap, now i can not get read of the e mail. i hope this not the same in your case

    seeing how i can not find a contact number for your products, therefore i am forced to type this e mail.

    i am a small bussiness owner, that enjoys toys. i am interested in your $6,500.00 simalutor’s. bowling, fishing, baseball, etc.. i would like to have more imformation on these products. size, price, where to buy, warranty, etc

    any paper work or at least phone number to talk to a human.

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