Elite Find of the Day: DaVinci Driving Simulator from Mirage 3D

Yes, the simulator is news can walk on its wheels and features passenger seat. I think it is reason enough to go crazy about “pragmatic” DaVinci driving simulator from Mirage3D. And the couch is ultra-comfortable. If lately you have also undergone the realization of having proclivity for racing and DUIs then experience the extreme driving familiarity with roll bars, ultra-realistic, working gauges, monitored by an involved “Smart Box” PC. Adaptable to customize your needs for steering and pedals, it can be fitted for a left or right hand drive. Enlightening the setting of a real race field, it comes equipped with a 5 channel Dolby digital 5.1 surround or 2.1 system.

DaVinci Driving Simulator

So, if you want to flaunt your racing spirit then no need to burn few $$$$ rather follow this revolutionary way of dealing with the Da Vinci Rig.

DaVinci Driving Simulator

Ooops….you dare not miss that it do has a seat belt to respect your safety concern.

Via Gizmodo/ MotorPassion
DaVinci Driving Simulator

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