LiveLuggage: Power Packed Suitcase Walks On Wheels!

Liveluggae (mobile luggage) mention is not an alien subject to me. It’s being there in my fantasies for long and I used to wonder its possibility in a conceptual form. But with LiveLuggage, today I feel fortunate to have a realistic solution to my flying problems.
The LiveLuggage PA Series is the first power-assisted valise that infuses life into your wild yet sensible ideas. Every large wheel features an electric motor that makes the entire exercise of dragging the suitcase quite easy and it may seem as if you are pulling a light backpack. In absence of any ‘throttle’ button on handle, it makes use of sensors to perceive when you’ve initiated the process of pulling the suitcase and eventually the integrated motor starts its job of pushing it. The ‘anti-gravity’ handles allows the suitcase to bend back while you’re heaving it and putting 85% of its weight straight onto the wheels.

The power driver motors are charged via rechargeable 12V NiMH battery that has a life of about two-hours on a single charge. It does come with a built-in charger and wheels behave like a generator when you move downhill.


Respecting security concerns, it has incorporated TSA approved tumbler lock enabling the holder unlock it within no time. Another feature of ‘Live Locator’ bearing a distinctive serial number on every model enables the company identifies the concerned owner by checking its database. Retailed at $1,365.25, it would surely be a feast to many travelers’ relieving them from their worry of loading tones of belongings’.

Via OhGizmo / ComputerWorld

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