$71,890 DIY Home Theater: Bringing Cinema Inside Your House

We all like to experience the larger-than-life silver screen inside the luxury of our house. With a variety of home theatre systems plus other equipment at hand and enough money to spend, most of us can afford to have the ultimate home theater experience. Still, something is missing. The reason being the acoustics and architecture of the room! It is a known fact that poor acoustics significantly reduces the charm of watching a movie. Then what’s the solution? Ever wondered about converting your living space into a mini-theater? One with exact seating arrangement and a stage and the similar heavenly clarity in sound.

Well, now it’s possible. Thanks to Jeremy Hummer. Once a professional broadcast T.V. system integrator, now a residential systems installer. His passion for movies and his sound knowledge about wiring and installation of sound equipment, led him to completely overhaul his 500- square-foot garage (at his house in house in Gulfport, Florida) into a brand nouveau theater complete with actual film projectors, a screen, and a multi-speaker sound system. He began remodeling his garage in 2004 and within 6 months his achieved most of what he wanted. Still, to get the real effect, he handled the wiring and equipment installation himself so that, the sound quality could not be compromised. Keeping in mind the acoustics and architecture of his garage-turned-theater he added tiered seating and a stage (both filled with R-30 insulation to exclude acoustic resonance). Now he owns and runs Electronic Home Designers and would be more than happy to take your order and convert your living space into a real-life theater.

$71,890 DIY Home Theater: Bringing Cinema Inside Your House Home theatre systems, Electronic Home Designers, DIY home theatre,

His work offers true value for money, as he believes in using the best equipment according to the acoustics, architecture and electricity available in a client’s house. So, if you are interested, touch space with him now.

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$71,890 DIY Home Theater: Bringing Cinema Inside Your House

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