$400,000 Diamond & Crystal Encrusted Champagne Glasses for High Taste

Come a celebratory day and you love bathing in champagne because of its luxury respect (irrespective of the cheap one). But now there is a chance to add a dose of opulence to this even cheap or not form of champagne by serving them in a one of these two glasses. Priced at $400,000, the glasses are festooned with 1,700 white and pink diamonds with 8kg blocks of rock quartz crystal. Around 5 jewelers got engaged for long 3 months to design these glasses.

Designed by John Calleija, the glasses would be exhibited at his second store in London and then would ultimately be return to the home of the Melbourne businessman inked a deal with them and wish to turn them into family heirlooms.

Via Luxist
Champagne Glasses

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