Stuart Phillips Offers World’s Most Expensive Haircut

Besides having piled up dough, even filthy-rich apply their brains and do a little math before inking pricey deals. The case in point is Beverley Lateo (right), who shelled out $17,000 for getting a hair cut by Stuart Phillips based in London. The gesture made both of them reside in the Guinness Book of World Records. Okay, assume you are 40-years young now and spends $50 on haircut after an interval of every two months. So, roughly once you touch 100 years of your life, you would have spent nearly $18,000. And following this logic, it became a wise option for Beverley now and other prospective customers planning to visit Stuart Phillips. But who is interested to live 100 years of life…huh!

Realizing their growing visibility, CaptivateIndulge indulged in a chat with Stuart Phillips and came out with many interesting facts. Answer to the curiosity of the expensive behavior of haircut was “Attention to detail” plus clients spends entire day in the regal ambiance of this salon adorned with 23,000 Swarovski crystals.

Expensive Haircut

Their clientele include people from high-end clas alomg with A-list Hollywood stars like David Hasselhoff, Jean Claude Van Dam and Kirsten Dunst and also the divas. The comfort-packed package costing £8,000 ($16,000) includes services like flights, transfers to and from London airports in a limousine, a champagne lunch or dinner, a VIP section of the salon booked out for a whole day, a master class on hair styling with Stuart Phillips and a basket of hair products (specific to each individual hair type).

Expensive HaircutFollowing this stands a package deal of £20,000 ($40,000) that includes aforementioned services plus a personal shopper, pick and drop from airport, two-days stay at one of London’s finest hotels, a private chef and an exclusive package of £28,000 (around $55,000) if a friend accompanies against the standard cost of £40,000 ($80,000).
Expensive Haircut

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