Elite Scan: The 11 Potential Concepts

As conveyed we are here with our first set of “Elite Scan: Top 11” series targeted at concept-based products. With the surging number of concepts demanding visibility here, it seems logical to call my blog conceptblog.org at times but in the interest of consistency we prefer to stay with elitechoice.org. After spending minutes at the coverage done for concept-based products, we chose to initiate with the same and bring forth the futuristic concepts that may be a dream for many but has a potential to touch reality if provided with blood and flesh.

Here we go:

11) No-Key Keyboard Concept by Kong Fanwen
They say lights, camera, action but I realized the need of amendment in this idiom. It should be Lights, Camera, Glass…Action. Called “No-key Keyboard,” is a revolutionary creation by Kong Fanwen that features glass surface camera and lighting. Seemingly perfect substitute, the QWERTY keyboard is currently a concept now, which if happens to access the latest motion capture technology would allow your fingers fretfully pick just the ideal smiley for your online teasing.

10) The Piano Computer Concept
The designer concept of the Piano Computer by Adam Huffman aims at featuring a built-in computer table that appeals no less than a piano figure. With wiring veiled proficiently, one wonders if it comes equipped with folding display.

9) Lipstick-Shaped Camera Concept by Curventa
For fashionistas, an established design studio named Curventa has designed a compressed Fashion Camera concept that if happens to turn reality would be capable of reskining the easily available digicams by overhauling the technology. Compact like a lipstick, the camera can easily be accommodated in your designer handbag and sports flexible OLED touch screen display, wireless charging and incorporated DLP projector

8) Revolutionary Cannondale Urban Bikes
Now bikes may also now get an iPod Dock upgrade. News isunderstanding the expectations of the geeks’ to ride on a vehicle that generates geeky vibes, Cannondale bikes has associated with D-TANK Design Development firm to develop bikes that come equipped with features detailing rear-view camera, an I-Pod connector and others. As a result, three concepts formed by D-Tank include MetroPolite, Trend and Radical.

7) Cobalt Pocketwatch Concept
Creating a hullabaloo is a cobalt pocket watch gadget concept that even shuns the need of a cell phone. Whilst today, wristwatches are replaced by mobile phones and within no time you might see the existence of cell phones marred by a watch again with a difference. Presently a concept, it features a default screen with small computer inside reflecting time, date, warmth, and updates on voicemail, email and SMS.

6) Pacer Suit Or Mobile Human Musical Workstation
Imagine a crisis situation when all the preparations’ for throwing a gala party are done and during the party there is a major power cut that even your arranged permutations and combinations fail to recover. Huhhh.…..no DJ and imagine a party without music. But within few years you can have a ready solution to this problem as the creative minds are at work and have calculated the possibility of playing music independently even when music stations choose to be off. This could be possible via a pacer suit concept that claims to turn your electrical motions into sound effects. If the team behind it work hard to make it functional then the day is not far away when human beings would be known as mobile musical stations.

5) Mobile Touchscreen Tablet Concept by Mac Funamizu
You must have heard about Touchscreen PC but have you ever dared to add the feel of ‘mobility’ to it? Well, that’s not everybody’s job as well. Japanese concept designer Mac Funamizu took it as a challenge and has urbanized a thin touch screen mechanism that comes with built-in camera, scanner, WiFi, Google Maps and search. All you need to do is to grasp this contemporary gadget to any place and point towards the viewfinder to receive the detailed information about that particular geography or product.

4) Contemporary Kitchen Concept
Here I take the honor of introducing you to the threesome awesome from China i.e. Cheng He, Liu Quang Kui and Zhou Dong for unveiling before us the possibility of ultra-modern kitchen, which is for now just a concept. Featuring a cupboard adaptable to double-deck rotator structure, it is capable of revolving 180° across three major work center of washing, mixing and cooking.

3) WaSnake Shelf Concept Can Tap RSS Feeds, Courtesy Jean Louis Frechin
Good news for bloggers and a bow of respect to Jean Louis Frechin for convincing us with the possibility of developing the WaSnake Shelf that can read News, SMS after picking them from your RSS feeds. So, this clearly kills your worry of logging onto your computer and refreshing your RSS feeds page. Also, it makes you work more on your heels as when offline you can tap the news across the world and can play breaking ones onto your blog within no time.

2) Futuristic Pentouch Desktop Computer
Doing away with all the revolutions in Computer category stands this pen touch desktop computer, a concept that can offer you the privilege to work on a PC that is not only wireless but also doesn’t require any mouse or keyboard. Thanks to input device makers who understands the need of going hi-tech and hence are working on compact tablet PCs with LCD display proficiency to engender more ordinary drafts and writing structure. Also, the enhancement of signal input method and voice recognition software, there is a realistic leeway that you may be happy throwing your dependence upon keyboard and mouse.

1) Digital Kitchen Cutting Board by Nardo
Nardo Design’s a revolutionary digital cutting board for your kitchen aimed at reinventing your stay in kitchen. The built-in yet detachable LCD display, can read the cooking instructions for you, hence enabling you serve a delicious meal and above all allows you o take the entire credit for the skills that you don’t possess. If need be, you can satiate your spontaneous visit of the guests by downloading the recipe of any on-demand dish.

We look forward to your suggestions for our next round of Top11 in Elite Scan series.

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