myP.O.D Workstation by Peter J. Sucy is Pure, Obedient & Dynamic!

Call it the best example of a magnificent minimalism or compact functionality, it deserves all. Adding to my running list of hi-tech workstations, here stands a feature packed majestic workstation developed to make a difference to the available desks. Called the myP.O.D workstation, this intelligent creation by designer Peter J. Sucy is comes equipped with one big curve that goes well with its vast design and sports an adjustable seating, custom-built PC set up with adaptable monitors, a keyboard and the omnipresent mouse. It offers a space no less than a room for all sundry office essentials.

The easy accessibility to things around makes me say that ‘Perfect’ is too less a word to describe it. The myP.O.D workstation accommodates your tid-bits and bookshelf embellishments that reside high above your head on a rack. You can place your needful documents tactically at diverse levels and before I skip, the workstation is saturated with vivid yet gentle light civility low energy LEDs.

Now its time to face some reality: Not that aforementioned info is fake but has a potential to turn reality if corporate moguls approach designer and convince him to make this concept functional.

myP.O.D Workstation

myP.O.D Workstation

myP.O.D Workstation

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