Dream Machine Portable O2 Modular Bars

Considering the nature of lifestyle we tend to live, it is necessary that we carry some substitute that offers artificial oxygen. Realising the need U.S and Europe are already on their heels to develop and welcome health-conscious oxygen bars. It is a step towards enhancing energy levels but plus that offers a relief from all sorts of allergies. And thanks to Airheads for offering its line of Dream Machine Modular Bars. Caliming to be the most leading bars in the marketplace, these designer bars have expediently transportable. This gives you flexibility to carry this durable source of energy to your preferred location. Handcrafted using wood, lightweight PVC, Lexan, Plexiglas, and these ‘high tech masterpiece’ bars are then plastic-coated with ABS for easy finishing. Flexible enough to be enlarged or condensed to meet your requirements, it plays with various permutations and combinations.

It allows you to switch from a 3 section one to a 2 section one and vice versa and am glad to share with you that these bars are transposable. The “Dream Machine” 3 section bar can unfold into six convenient pieces. Whilst the 3 base panels and 3 top panels can be accumulated with 10 bolts and 10 wing nuts!

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O2 Modular Bars

O2 Modular Bars

O2 Modular Bars
O2 Modular Bars

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