Here Comes Mind-Reading Computer!

We have been covering magnificent to minuscule forms of computer but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have ventured into a different domain to develop a device called ‘mind-reading’ computer. Hoping to be a fully functional mind-reading machine, it aims at predicting the activity prototype a brain tends to create for a specific word, hence offering a better indulgence of how and where brain stores facts. They are also hoping that the mechanism would enable them improve treatments for language chaos and learning disabilities.

Around nine volunteers have taken the initiative to undergo this training process. They were provided with 58 words and were asked to enquire about the connotation and value of the words. As a part of the process, brain scans were done via magnetic resonance imaging, thereby capturing their thinking process amidst different words.

Then the computer was assigned with two new words and images and was anticipated to pair them up correctly, which finally happened. Tom Mitchell, leading then study disclosed the next step is to test brain motion for idioms rather than individual words.

Via ComputerWorld
mind-Reading Computer

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