Zero Gravity Wing Chair for $14,400

If you can memorize the unveiling of Eames Lounge and Ottoman around 52 years ago and miss its company today then here is a perfect substitute that completely replicates the antique in a more elite manner. Called Zero Gravity Wing Chair, this Scandanavian-made, bent wood and memory foam piece is a revolutionary reinterpretation of the classic wing chair designed for serious cushioning. This jumbo and elegant production comes bathed in the softest swedish leather assuring you a sound snooze.

The memory foam used is the one designed by NASA to outline and adjust your body shape to present unmatched ergonomics. It is being honored as the first ever chair to be certified by the Space Foundation, tested and recognized by NASA. You can install it in your home for $14, 400.

Zero Gravity Wing Chair

Zero Gravity Wing Chair

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Zero Gravity Wing Chair

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