Handheld Thermal Imager Stands Against Predators

Picture this: Predators have become ordinary residents of your city killing half-a-dozen men and keeps making that uncanny clamor as it trails you. Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura fail to help you in either way. Regrettably, predators have that distinct disguise that would pose a big question against your survival and letting you share your horrifying tale with someone until you possess some device that can show you his heat source.
One such device is this Handheld Thermal Imager that combines a noticeable light digital figure with an infrared one, thereby offering you a single view that lets you get an instantaneous visual temperature map of whatsoever you aim it at.

Retailed at $7500, these imagers are developed for heavy-duty industrial troubleshooting and safety functions, but there’s no cause you can’t use it to snag yourself a predator before it ignites an atomic bomb from its wrist.

Via MakeZine
Handheld Thermal Imager

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