HR Giger Harkonnen Chair Is Truly Artistic Yet Realistic

If don’t know if you have ever come across Dune by Frank Herbert but personally speaking I found it an amazing work of science fiction that transcends the genre. I read it in my teens and was enthralled wondering how complex and sophisticated great science fiction can be. If currently, you feel even a bit of imperialistic urge then this Harkonnen chair designed by Hans Rudi Giger is the thing that can help you scratch that prickle. Priced at $15,000 from Barany Artists, the spooky chair is available in standard black shade and is designed via hand crafted fiberglass item that has uncovered vertebrae for a backrest.

Its wild design and chiseled profile makes it stand next to variety of alien furniture we introduced you earlier. But folks, it takes two-months of delivery time from the date of order. If you have more spare dough to burn then invest in three skulled versions of this chair retailed at $30000 and $45000 for aluminum version.


Harkonnen Chair

HR Giger Harkonnen Chair

Harkonnen Chair

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