Staying in NASA Bed For 90 Days Would Fetch You $17,000

Till date I have been putting you across products, concepts, designs that other accessories that demands you to loose the weight of your wallet in order to experience an elite road. But here tables seem to have turned. NASA is inviting you to stay on their bed for long three months and is offering $5000 per month, which is not a bad amount if it means only relaxing. But unfortunately their mission is very clear and thus demands much more.

Their Bed Rest project aims at studying the consequences of long-term microgravity in humans by making you lay down on a sightly-tilted bed with head down and feet up. Isn’t a bit too much in return of petty $5000? Furtherm, they say contestants will have to live in a special research unit during the entire study period and would be cautiously fed with a controlled diet. Right after initial 11-15-days, applicants will indulge deep in this activity by making a continuous stay of 90 days lying in bed with exceptional change of undergoing specific tests.

On daily basis, they will be awake for 16 hours and can take a sleep of 8 hours. As a pat of process, they will undergo countless tests to identify changes in their state of their bone, muscle, heart and circulatory system, and nervous system plus their nutritional condition and ability to fight against infections would be checked. Want to give it a try? To apply click here.

Via | Wired
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