Batmobile Reaches eBay

Those of you who are real 80’s baby then you can easily recall watching the live-action Batman show at Six Flag’s Great Adventure around 1989. That was a re-enactment of certain scenes from the flick, complete with an imitation of the Batmobile. But the one pictured above is above is a real deal. One ruthless eBay seller is gazing to get rid of one of the five actual Batmobiles from the Tim Burton classic demanding a sum of $500,000 at eBay. This operational coupe is structured like a spaceship that has tires attached onto it to make it street legal.


Some peep into the specks of the coupe: Measuring 20 feet long and 8 feet wide, this custom-built chassis has a Chevrolet 350 motor attached to it. To eneter into this vehicle, you have to jump from the top from where the canopy opens, likewise in the movie. Initially this coupe was owned by Warner Bros productions and thus the would-be buyer thinking to ink a deal has to sign a contract with them and some other legal items.


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