Coffin Couches

Call them coffins or couches; they very well deserve this tag. I somehow have a deep inclination for weird stuff especially furniture accessory. Days back, I put across alien furniture and now this Coffin Couch worth $4,500 each would surely compliment them. Designed using recycled 18 gauge steel coffins; the raw material was gathered from local funeral homes based in Southern California. Against the health and safety law that doesn’t allow funeral homes to resell used coffins, these coffins were sold to public as the idea of recycling sound quite interesting. These coffins cannot be used for burial purpose due to some aesthetic discrepancies. It was that recycled coffin that underwent a sm,all process of refining and the result is elegant coffin couches.

Check out alien life-size props, if you are interested in more value-add.

Coffin Couch


More patterns:

Coffin Couch

Coffin Couch


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Coffin Couch

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