World’s Most Expensive Car Wax, Shine that Hits Hard

Those who think that dropping $99 at their neighboring Buff ‘n’ Shine for a wax would have chopped your life then you dare not come closer to the array of products offered by Swizöl from Switzerland. Their high-end line divine wax is “merged for a limited number of collectors and aficionados every year,” and is expressly devised for the precise kind of paint and shade of the customer’s coupe. Truly, it would be incomplete in absence of an arrangement box with a credential of validity and a hand-imprinted sign carrying a serial number and the proprietor’s name. This compact kid can be yours by putting across 1,800 Euros, or approx. $2,750. If this seems a too expensive deal for you, then I propose you to go ahead with their entry level Onyx wax for $95.

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Expensive Car Wax

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