Dagobert Lavatory: Royal Throne Toilet For Today’s King or Queen

Nature’s call is something that one cannot ignore, avoid or delay. And those falling in the elite class do make a choice where to relieve or not. Considering the lifestyle of the majesty, a regal pot is being designed inspired by Dagobert, the last ruler of the 8th Century French Merovingian dynasty. Called Dagobert Throne Toilet, this revolutionary creation by the Herbeau Creations is a retro-looking piece of bathroom art.

Structured using ash wood and finished via hand painted Moustier Polychrome designs, it is quite relaxing. On lifting the lid, the musical clang “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” starts playing to soothe you. And then comes the time to maintain its beauty-Flush Time! Simply tug the pull chain that is escorted by the ringing of a bell. The toilet offers an array of other accessories counting candleholder, ashtray plus a hand painted bowl and plaque. You can install it at your place for $9,874.

Via TrendHunter/ Dvice
Dagobert Lavatory

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