Aquatic Climbing Wall Offers An Exciting Workout!

I agree the very thought of going to gym makes you so full of life that even before visiting the nearest gym, one tends to reckon that he/she is blessed with perfect figure. And to this utter ignorance, they end up entering a bash clad in revealing attire (little away from the “compliment”) and is welcomed with a remark: “I think you have put on a bit.” Raise your hands, who all have gone through it!

I have raised both my hands now.

Those who fall in the discussed above category should bring home aquatic climbing wall that serves the dual purpose. Do away with the ordinary treadmill and expedience then revolution. It assures an absolute workout for you upper body and core strength by adding a spark within you. Its fiberglass panels made up of hand-sculpted rock features overhangs, under hangs and crack that can be tailored as per one’s fitness need by modifying the climbing configurations and revolving it by 90°. The 10.5” inch tall climbing wall is practically designed with panels with a non-slip and textures surface plus compatible handholds to assure you reach to the summit. The wall sits at 10° over the pool and has defensive stuffing around the edges and base and the 304-grade stainless steel frame fastens to a tangible deck using 5/8″ automatic newscasters’ for a protected fit. It can be compressed and dumped inside in your store room when not in use. This ultra modern tool of killing stress and maintaining a proportioned figure is valued at $8,000.
Aquatic Climbing Wall

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