25 Million Home Theater PCs Installed Worldwide by 2013

Today I was reading an extensive coverage of 25 million home theaters PC’s to be installed globally by 2013 carried by ehomeupgrade. On first go, we thought the figure is too less until we realized that they are only PC’s and not streaming products. These days there exist gamut of mini-PCs that are used chiefly for media streaming. With surge in advancement happening at CPUs front, devised to use less power and produce less heat, there is a possibility that PCs may dive in to the entertainment segment.

The principal problem for installing a PC in any entertainment center ort device is the noise produced by the integrated fan to cool the PC plus spinning hard drive. At the same time, the attached benefit is of having full-fledged PCs as a main media streamer is its functionality. If you count today then the majority of current generation of media streamers consists of low powered devices running a low mechanical Sigma chip.

Technically speaking, if this noise and power levels of entrenched PCs can be toned down to an evenhanded level then one can expect few more devices into his living room. One major drawback with almost very device is that they don’t have the raw horsepower.

Likewise, our most admired Mvix 760HD is still accessible on using an older Sigma chip and can’t do H.264 for instance. With the concept I have just talked, one can have much more excitement in coming years. One can say year 2008 is going to be the break point for these devices and by come 2010, these devices will be seen floating all over likewise DVD players.

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25 Million Home Theater

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