Bedtime Stories Blanket by Tiago da Fonseca

It may seem a fairy tale to you but interestingly it’s a reality. The Great Eastern Hotel teamed up with 14 students from the Royal College of Art’s acclaimed Design Products department headed by Professor Ron Arad to come forward with designer installations. These active installations or Bedtime Stories Blanket are not mere objects that demand their visibility by hanging them in a room but instead are lively and witty objects inviting guests and visitors to enhance their familiarity by putting them across a hidden dimension that introduces hotel more than a two-room compartment reserved for a night stay. The blanket am talking about is a part of a project called Bedtime Stories.

Bedtime Stories Blanket

Designed by Tiago da Fonseca, the blanket has several sheets unfolding a traditional bedtime story. Whilst each “page” adds a coating of linen making you feel warmer and comfier expectantly guiding you and your partner into a soothing world of dreams.
Bedtime Stories Blanket

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