Mario Philippona Designs Sexy Yet Elite Furniture

Call it sensuous, juicy or tempting but undoubtedly it’s an elite form of furniture that invites eyeballs. Agreed, the very look is exotic but it doesn’t stop you from installing it in your living room. In fact I take pride in investing money and bringing home such tasteful furniture. The appearance of women’s b****, thereby forming an interesting shape of a small cupboard door open and also the wine bottles and glass cupboard shelf residing on high-heels table is quite exciting.


Sexy Furniture

This sensational form of furniture thereby making use of women body is now open to the household of netizens. Designed by Mario Philippona, a woman’s breasts cupboard demands a whooping cost of 6,000 euros. Other appealing forms include woman’s lower extremities with a built-in drawer and a table-stand with heels and inviting wine bottles.

Sexy Furniture

Standing away from the gamut of such offerings, take a look at the table with three-pillars resembling woman’s lower extremities. The variety of unique furniture is being designed in the Netherlands using Elm furniture.

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Sexy Furniture

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