Dubai Welcomes Restless Planet: $1 billion Robotic Jurassic Park

If you wish to see life millions of years ago, then buy a ticket for Dubai in coming time. The mention of Dubai and inviting affluent travelers runs parallel. It is a place that is becoming the hot-spot for not only realtors also for uber-rich gentry. Maintaining its position, it is not astonishing to digest the news that that the residents here are structuring a $1 billion theme park that is expected to feature around 100 animatronics dinosaurs of 40 varied species. Touted as “Restless Planet,” the park is seen as an endeavor to offer an enlightening experience among the entire Vegas-style manifestation. It is expected to follow history themed rides and robots/habitats that symbolize a precise depiction (based on present information) of how life used to be around millions of years ago. The credit for the live spark within the park goes to the robots that will also be competent of networking with visitors by chasing them with their eyes. Spread over 500,000 square feet, the park is scheduled to open in late 2008.

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Restless Planet

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