Flying Mikado Lamps Flaunt Its Wings

Designer creation by Miguel Herranz, the Mikado lamp is being named after the Spanish game of pick-up sticks. I think you can relate it to its spiny physical form.

Flying Mikado

Its vibrant torsion and fury-light feeling is produced by two renovated, embossed timber finish panes warped into a double-8 arrangement, with wood-pieces splaying in the periphery that conveys a leafy, natural excellence. Seemingly frond-like features offer the depth of volume and three-dimensional affluence that transfers with the viewer’s viewpoint.

The lucid surface offers a deserving visibility to the grain of the wood, enlightened by the innermost, iced low-energy bulb. Shatterproof with a polyester end, the elasticity of the timber tiles is obvious in the floating progress and general buoyancy of the masterpiece.

Mini Mikado

These airy lamps are obtainable in three diverse fashions – a floor and balanced version along with an award-winning mini table lamp. They are available in various shades including cherry, yellow, green and grey. It is retailed at $950-$1,303.

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Mikado Lamps

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