Moscow Unveils $10 mn Faberge Egg-Shaped House

We have being covering Moscow through our number of posts. And it’s been a year today that the blessed place has been enjoying a luxurious grade here. Lately, I came across a beautiful Fabergé egg-shaped house this is unique in form, big in size with a bulky cost.

Demanding a record $10 million, this four-story estate spread over 342-square-meter is a replica of a huge Fabergé egg (the refined jeweled creation allied with the regal family). The credit for its being the unique private home available in the market goes to its structure. Now update your knowledge, as this egg house is a preferred among Moscow’s bloggers covering architect and metropolitan oddities. With red-tinted body and white bottom, the egg-house stands apart. It is being claimed that the house is still virgin as no one has dared to enter and enjoy the feel of its interior furnishings including some fresco designs.

Fully-furnished in 2002, the house is positioned on Ulitsa Mashkova, a side lane of the idiosyncratic Chistiye Prudy zone. Well, considering the lately happened sale of installed Faberge-egg for $16.5 mn, don’t you think the tag of $10 mn is a bit too less .


Fabergé Egg-Shaped House


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