Chair Reflects Mood-Swings

This unique chair was designed keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of human beings. While there are times when we would love to be in the company of our loved ones, share some precious moments with them but within minutes we want to be alone, away from the mob and wish to spend some time with ourselves. May be you feel like spending some time reading latest fiction or enjoying your own company. To help you in all such situations, this Protean chair can be a perfect asset. It folds and unfolds as per your mood.

The designer creation gives you the freedom to create an ambience that can make them feel comfortable. Moreover, this care can be turned like a pedestal for love-birds, making you enjoy the love-ride with your beloved. Also, you can enjoy meals together by pushing the seats away with table in between. Another stirring windfall is if you are in a mood to share some deep moments by looking at each-other while speaking or flirting, then this chair perceives your mood and moves accordingly.

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Protean chair

Protean chair

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Protean chair

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