Ginza Tanaka Unveils $1,817,355 Gold Santa Claus

Christmas Fever is on. While days back your eyeballs got 360-degree rotation after seeing 18-mn-diamond tree or bejeweled Christmas star, today Ginza Tanaka has another feast for your eyes. Seemingly bathed in gold tub, this Santa Claus made up of 20 kilograms of pure gold along with 23 diamond beads totaling 1.7-carat of diamonds embedded on the belt by Ginza Tanaka is an exclusive one. The belt also carries a pack designed from extra-fine gold threads, crammed with 10 gold coins.

This gold statue of Santa Claus is positioned about 41 centimeters high and demands a biting price of 200 million yen ($1817,355). Delivery depends upon its demand and pre-order as it took company three months to produce a single Santa. Well does this mean that prospective buyers can eye this Santa for their next Christmas and there could only be one proud owner? Tanaka would answer that! The statue would be exhibited at company’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district and its Shinsaibashi outlet in Osaka from 21-25 December.


Gold Santa Claus

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