Curvy VorteXX-Chandelier

Its striking figure imitates a hallucination of an eternal band of light. Its pleasingly curved outline is evocative of a dual helix with the look of a continual graceful shape – buoyant, vivacious and luminous. This feeling is particularly emphasized by lively illumination and sparkling radiance. The color of the light keeps changing. Ranging from red, yellow to blue – an enthralling interaction of colors creates spatial exhilaration and persistently catches the viewer’s gaze.

Measuring 2 m high 1.5 m wide, this light corpus is weaved of 60 separate moldings that are placed together impeccably in a 12 m long cord. Its specific color toning enables the very latest cohort of LED modules to produce circuitous light in diverse shades. If used in grouping with Zumtobel’s lighting management system, an endless range of light scenes can be controlled and planned.

This very presence of lively mode, sensuously colored and vivid pasty beam allows VorteXX to develop melodious lighting panorama around its ambience and wield a quality influence on the poignant well-being of its viewers. Each of the VorteXX chandeliers is signed by hand and is complemented with own certificate.

Material: Fibreglass-reinforced polyester with light opening, sheltered with transparent acrylic glass
Color: Black or White
Ingredients: 190 Power LED modules, 450 W

Via Architonic


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