Historical Pearls Exhibited at National Museum of Natural History in Paris

National Museum of Natural History in Paris has recently opened an exhibition to celebrate the collection of historical pearls. Known as “Perles, une histoire naturelle” (Pearls a natural history), the exhibition would run from 25 October to 10 March 2008. The highlights of the exhibition are:

A mussel shell of the Biwa Lake festooned with cultured pearls blister.

“The Marie-Antoinette pearls” Necklace:

Marie-Antoinette pearls necklace

Featured below is a brooch offered by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria (Great-Britain 1843) on their heir 3rd wedding anniversary. The brooch is decorated with pearls, amethysts, garnet, chrysoberyls.


The “Kuweit pearl” with a rose shaped diamond

Kuweit pearl

The biggest soft water pearl “Hope Pearl” with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubis, enamel and gold:

Hope Pearl

Boots in nacre, deer and goat hair


I doubt if they are for sale.


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