The Most Expensive Cheese in the World: Cheers to Sweden

I know this would be a surprise for all the foodies out there. You would be amazed to know that the most expensive cheese in the world is not of French origin. It is actually Swedish! The price of this cheese is $500/lb. Stunned? There is one more thing to amaze you: this is a Moose milk cheese. It is prepared at the Moose House which is a 59-acre moose dairy farm at Bjursholm, in the north of Sweden.This unique farm is owned by Christer Johannson who took the onus of establishing it 7 years ago. This is the most extra-ordinary farm in Europe as it produces only milk, and not cheese.

The three lucky cows who are the proud providers of the milk for this cheese are Haelga, Gullan, as well as Juna. It takes around two and a half hours to milk them. They produce around one gallon of milk each day. But, the milk and the subsequent cheese are as precious as these cows milk only in the period of May to September. The cheese is supplied to elite hotels and cafes in the country. Visitors too can have the opportunity of buying any of the three varieties of cheese available at this exclusive farm.

I hope that you would actually be curious about tasting the most expensive cheese in the world. Get set go!

Expensive Cheese

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