World’s Most Expensive Fruit Basket

Besides the mind boggling technological innovations, Japan, is also widely renowned for its traditions and customs that form the legacy of the country, dating back to thousands of years ago. One such traditional practice is the presentation of food gifts and is considered to be one of the most revered customs of the Japanese culture. Now, in high end department store in Tokyo, lies the world’s most expensive fruit basket that carries a price tag of $143 and is composed of just two watermelons. This magnificent fruit basket wraps the watermelons in delicate tissue and the musk melons that are included in this highly expensive gift are also considered to be something of a luxury item and a highly expensive food. Be it someone’s birthday, wedding, anniversary or the New Year, if you wish to portray yourself as the perfect and considerate guest to a Japanese family, then this world’s most expensive fruit basket is the right way to.

At this luxury department store, there are also other varieties of fruit baskets that are not as expensive as the musk melon basket, but do carry a significant style statement of their own. The store is offering the customer plush pomegranates on sale with a price tag of $5 a piece, as well as an elegant strawberry package that comes with a price tag of $35. These wonderful gift ideas are perfect to be presented to the Japanese people, who are well known for their reverence of mannerisms, humanity, ethics and morals, rather than money and bling.

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