The Most Expensive USB Stick

This elite USB stick is a blessing not for all geeks. Its cost factor is what debars many, forcing them think twice to feel it. I would love to have this device but won’t prefer to spend this big amount and would wish if someone could gift me this.

This golden USB stick is decorated with gold and diamonds and offers you the opportunity to take either 14 or 18 carat gold stick. Also, you have the full freedom to take stick without diamond. It’s retailed at $ 3,500 (with diamonds) and $2,800 without it.

But one thing is for sure that this USB would act more as an accessory than a device. It will act as a transitory tool, thereby elevating your image in your official circle at least.

The specks don’t say even a word about its capacity but at such a cost one expects to have a 256 MB stick.

USB Stick

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