Congratulations Folks! It took me days to scan the gamut of blogs residing in blogosphere and handpick the one worthy to be placed here. Aptly identified as Elite (the nature of blogs), the eco-system of this post features blogs from diverse categories viz. Best of best, gadgets, automobile, technology, fashion, luxury, food& wine, odds and ends, entertainment, design, real estate, social network, travel, advertising and not to forget the active space of blogging forums.

Following the prerequisites involved, the visibility of the blogs here is exemplified well by their Alexa ranking, Technorati ranking, Google page rank and of course traffic generation. Also, one unique criteria behind the selection was how frequently they bring forth the news/views/posts/products across the table and am glad to announce that the crew makes up to it. Idea was to bring 100 blogs to the platform but I could not do injustice to the rest (a deserving lot) and hence have to increase the number.

I am taking the argument that the process must have missed other commendable blogs, which I am still open for. Alarm me on the same and your creditable stake would be offered to you here. Readers, one important announcement, I am here to run you through the developments taking place at their end assuring you to bring forth the administrators of each of the individual blog to calm down your nosiness.

Reach me at: zolamarquis AT



Buzz Machine

Anything & Everything

Brookly N Vegan

Music, Photos & News from a Vegan in Brooklun

Improve Everywhere

Improve everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places

Taking Illustrations

This online space makes fun of some things and sense of others through illustrations.

Strange Maps

When maps say it all

Tree Hugger

Space Dedicated to drive sustainability mainstream

Book Of Joe

Things that you need to know


gadget Top 125 Elite Blogs


News that drive your tech soul


The gadget guide

Crunch Gear

Because crunchy reviews are invited

Blog Wired

Gadget Lab: Hardware that rocks your world

Uber Gizmo

Gadget Guide

Oh Gizmo

When gizmo presence makes you say Ohhhh.

Geek Sugar

Geek is Chic

Everything USB

Everything USB: We mean everything!

Shiny Shiny

A girl’s guide to gadgets

Red Ferret

The Red Ferret Journal – tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia

Coolest Gadgets

Your source for the coolest gadgets available

Life At Most

Daily Gadget News

Gadget Venue

A blessed venue for elite gadgets

Mobile Whack

A wacky abode for gadgets


A web magazine for guys who love stuff

Akhibara News

Read, watch & participate


technology Top 125 Elite Blogs

PC Mag

The independent guide to technology

What’s New Now

A coolest, craziest, cutting-edge technology Platform


Blog about gorgeous gadgets and other crush worthy stuff

Teche Blog

Latest tech and gadgets News

Tech Fresh

A space dedicated to cool gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology

Micro Persuasion

Exploring technology and its impact on marketing communications

Scifi Blog

A place that keeps you jacked amongst latest gadgets

Slash Gear

Technology at its best

Hip Tech Blog

Discuss latest gadgets and technology here


Tech news, reviews and interesting things


cars elite blogs Top 125 Elite Blogs


Obsessed with the cult of cars

Auto Blog

Obession about the auto industry

When cars become obsession

Motor Passion

It is passion that drives wheels

E Mercedes Benz

The all new Mercedes Benz-CLS

Automotive Blogs

Where your car search begins

The Truth About Cars

Car Reviews, Auto News, Editorials and Podcasts

Cars Cars Cars

A Car Blog. Only Angrier.


fashion eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

B Glam

Up to the minute fashion inspiration and celebrity news created for shopaholics everywhere


Fashion fad

Fashion Tribes

Where Fashion*Lifestyle*Beauty Rules

A Suitable Wardrobe

Will’s thoughts on classic men’s clothing

The Bag Lady

The bag lady

Go Fug Yourself

Fugly is the new pretty

The Sartorialist

Where fashion, design and style collapse

Style Talk

S Factor: Stylish, Simple but Striking


The online home of vogue

Whats Haute

Terrific Tote’s: Words fall short as their presence makes you say OOOuch!


luxury eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs


Luxurious vibes, invites filthy-rich.


Your Guide to Luxury Living

Janus Thinking

Luxurious thoughts reside here!

Luxury Launches

Luxury breathes here!

Deluxe Blog

Because luxury speaks


An abode for gamut of elite blogs


Luxury homes and accessories


Luxury talks


foodwine eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs


A points-free zone


Bath in wine & food


Wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world


Eat, drink, stay, play

Dr Vino

Wine talk that goes down easy

Serious Seats

Crusty, saucy, cheesy

Slash Food

Place that makes your tongue smile

The Food Section

All the news that’s fit to eat

Mighty Foods

The who, what, how and why of natural foods

Food Beam

Sweetness beams

Too Many Chefs

Territory of chefs


oddsnends eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

Boing Boing

A directory of wonderful things

Inventor Spot

Serious fun for the inventor in all of us


All eyes are on you, for you and from you


Global news network

Josh Reads

The Comics Curmudgeon

The Sneeze

Half Zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions

Trend Hunter

Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting and Innovation Trends

Crunk Tastical

In fresh we trust

Pink Tentacle

Exclusive stuff


Where every man is king

Evil Mad Scientist

Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time


Unique newsy stuff, can’t afford to miss


entertainment eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

D listed

Be very afraid

Ironic Scans

It seemed like a good idea on paper


Home of fine hypertext products

Stereo Gum

The Gum drop


You aint no Picasso describes it well


Reporting live from the center of the universe


design eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

Designs Sponge

Dipped in design

Fake Steve

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

We make money not art

Money V/S Art

David Report

Design, culture and business life collides here with a creative and humanistic approach

Yanko Design

Form beyond function

Core 77

Core77 Design Blog


estate eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

Bawld Guy

Real Estate Investing through Purposeful Planning

Luxury Housing Trends

Home improvement ideas

Luxury Home Digest

Luxury resides here

Overseas Property Mall

Guide to international real estate investment


This blog talks about who lives where, who’s buying and selling and for how much

Luxury Portfolio

Luxury Homes, Luxury Real Estate, and Luxury Homes for Sale From Luxury Portfolio


networking eliteblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs

Cool Hunter

Roaming the US and the globe


Social Networking News


travel elite Top 125 Elite Blogs

Directory of Blogs

A stylish way to travel

Hotels of Rich and Famous

The latest hotel news and features

Happy Hotelier

The Happier the Hotelier, the Happier the Guest!

Luxury Travel Blog

Dr. Paul Johnson’s Baby: Not an ordinary travel blog

Travel Blog

Unforgettable tours and experiences! Unbeatable deals.


Go There

Real Travel

Real people, real advice, real experiences

World Hum

Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet


The pop culture travel guide

English Cut

Thomas mahon, bespoke savile row tailor, london


ad elite Top 125 Elite Blogs


TV Commercials found and reviewed by Duncan Macleod


Exploring Creativity


The best and sometimes the worst around the globe


Welcome to the biggest Advertising Archive in the world




A view on today’s best advertising


An abode for evolving ads


Advertising arena


forums elite Top 125 Elite Blogs

Blog Burst

A way to place blogs on top-tier online destinations

Globe of Blogs

Bloggers territory

Blog Hub

Blogging your way


The blog directory

Mac Rumors Forum

Mac community discussion forums

Blog Explosion

Battle of the blogs
bestofbestblogs Top 125 Elite Blogs