Jimmy Choo Cruise 2017 Custom Bejewelled Collection

Jimmy Choo unveiled the custom bejewelled collection for Cruise 2017. The collection of wide range of accessories can transforms appearance of shoes and bags. If you are into bling and a Jimmy Choo fan then the bejeweled collection that bedazzles everyone is for you.

jimmy choo cruise 2017 collection

The cruise 2017 collection of glittering accessories is a party weapon. The accessories are just perfect for glam time as the brooch-like accessories for shoes can totally turn a simple pump into instant party shoes. The custom collection also appeases the desire of any accessory loving collector.

The Choo’s adornments include a range of clips that can be easily attached to any pair of shoes. There is also smaller range of shoe clips or button that you can collect. However, smaller buttons are only compatible with special platform sandals or pumps that are also presented in the collection. Aside from glittering accessories for shoes, the Bejewelled collection also included purses that are compatible with the shoe buttons. Additionally, any clutch or purse can turn into a party bag with the decorative strap. The strap can be easily attached and removed just like the shoe accessories.

The Jimmy Choo’s Bejewelled Cruise 2017 collection definitely enchants and provokes the buyers creative mind. The different embellishment, colour and decoration in the Choo capsule allows buyers to create a unique look each time they go out. With the interchangeable clips on pom poms and jewels, you can step out every night looking hot even with an old pair of sandals. And nobody would even notice because the shimmering crystals and lustrous pearls make any shoes and purses glamorous in an instant.

The Jimmy Choo custom bejeweled collection is far better than the customization that Dior offers, another famous brand. Although the show buttons accessories are only well-suited to few items, they can be used on both bags and shoes. What’s more, the designs are versatile and classic, even great for the coming holiday season.

The prices of shoe clip pairs start $395 while the shoe buttons start at $165. The shoe clips and buttons can be bought separately from the special pumps that you can also purchase for $1195. The Choo’s adornments can be use on most shoes in your closet and available online.

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