Electric Powered Wakeboard Developed by Radinn can be Yours for $19,000

Wakeboarding is a popular water sport where normally the rider on a board is usually towed by a motor boat. But Sweden based company Radinn has developed an electric-powered wakeboard that’s controlled by a wireless remote control. The biggest advantage of this wakeboard is that it does not require a motorboat to pull it. It is an exciting concept that has the potential to become the next must have water toy. Philip Werner who is the founder of Radinn and a passionate wakeboarder himself started working on this concept way back in 2012. He was studying at Lund University at the time and decided to make one for himself as a site project.

Electric Powered Wakeboard by Radinn
The wakeboard that Werner was able to develop was so exciting that he assembled a team around him and launched his company Radinn. They have already started making prototypes. To keep the board light and yet strong and tough it is constructed using lightweight carbon fiber. The board has been designed for efficient jet propulsion so that it moves effortlessly on water. Lithium batteries have been used to provide the board sufficient power while it speeds across the water. The overall size of the board is not very large and quite manageable. In fact, it is small enough to fit in any car or boat and light enough to carry around.

The lightweight board is easy to carry around

Apart from the fact that it is electric powered the board is like any other normal board. It is compatible with all the bindings that you might be used to having on your normal boards. The prototypes that have been developed are still going through extensive testing and some tweaking in the final design is still being done. However the company has made it available for pre order as they are expecting a good response from the wakeboarding enthusiasts and they would plan their production accordingly. The price of the electric powered wakeboard has not been finalized but Alexander Lind, who is a co-founder, indicated that it would cost around €15,000 ($19,872). They would also be offering add-ons which will cost extra. They are hopeful that the boards will be ready for shipping by mid 2015.

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