Suommo Creates the Most Expensive Crib in Solid Gold for $12 Million

Designers who specialize in luxury products are now targeting the infants also. Suommo, the high end jeweler from Spain, has created the most expensive crib in the world. The majestic crib is called the Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold. Even they agree that it is the boldest piece of jewelry they have ever created. They point out that this magnificent figure could have been given shape only in 24 carat solid gold. The shape of the Dodo Bassinet embodies a motherly lap.

The Crib is a Grandiose Sculpture

This is no doubt extreme luxury but it is doubtful if the infant sleeping in the magnificent crib can appreciate its value. However it will surely give you bragging rights amongst your peers. It is obviously a limited edition design as it carries a price tag of $12 million and there will be very few who can spare that kind of cash for a crib. It is a grandiose sculpture which is a piece of fine art. You can only hope that the baby sleeping in the golden crib will get access to most precious dreams. The crib is outfitted with gold yarn changing mat and silk bedding.

Suommo Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold

The Cost of Material Doesn’t Add Up to $12 Million

The crib stands majestically on its stand but is movable on its custom wheels. Another highlight is the logo or the insignia which has been created in diamond. However questions have been raised about the excessive pricing of the premium product. Even if we account for the fact that 48 kilogram of solid gold has been used to make the crib the cost of the material should not go beyond $2.6 million. The embellishment with diamonds can add another $2 million at the most to the cost. The cost of making the crib is still far away from the exorbitant price tag of $12 million. If you can forget the commercial aspect for a while then the very sight of the golden crib is awe inspiring.

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