Homes Made From Bamboo in Green Village in Bali Costs Between £300,000 and £1.2million

The elite and the rich today have become conscious about the environment and though they are not prepared to compromise with luxury they are opting increasingly for sustainable solutions. Designer Elora Hardy has created an 18 home village in Bali that are crafted almost entirely with sustainable material. This Green Village Bali is located on the banks of Ayung River in the lush jungle of Sibang in Bali. All the homes have been crafted almost entirely with bamboo. The bamboo has been sourced locally and has been treated to make it stronger and to extend its life. Apart from bamboo only banana paper has been used to line the inside of the walls and aluminum sheets have been used to strengthen the roof.

Luxury Home Made Almost Entirely from Bamboo
The Project has Attracted International Interest
The concept has been received very well across the world and the green initiative has attracted international buyer and investor interest. The elegantly designed homes with all the modern luxury features and amenities have found buyers willing to pay between £300,000 and £1.2million. To complete the ambiance of a village a stunning community center has built in the middle. It features wooden floors, bar and stools made from bamboo and roll down bamboo shutters to keep the tropical rainstorm at bay. It is a complete village with reliable electric supply that allows the use of home gadgets to make life easy and comfortable.

Spiral Starcase

Bamboo Shoot Works Perfectly as a Structural Column
The concept of the village has been inspired by the Green School campus founded by Ms Hardy’s father, John, in 2006. The school campus has also been built using sustainable natural material and is powered by more than 100 solar panels. John was a jewelry maker in Canada but relocated to Bali in 1975. The Green Village initiative has redefined the potential of sustainable materials. Bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years and support a sturdy house for a long time. Ms Hardy is very grateful to the local craftsmen whose ingenuity and innovation have made the project possible. It will go a long way in changing the mindset of the people as it proves beyond doubt that sustainable luxury living is a better option as we go forward.

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