The Presidential Limousine Cost $1.5 Million to Make and is the Safest Ride

The presidential limousines used by the US government are considered the safest rides. The US government is in the market for a new fleet of limousines and has a list of very stringent specifications. The current fleet of limousines which are justifiably called the ‘Beast’ was acquired in 2009 and are old enough to be replaced with more advanced vehicles. It will not be easy to better the Beast. It still remains the safest presidential ride in the world with some of the most advanced and unparalleled features. The fleet is very well guarded and only few in the secret service are fully aware about the extraordinary features.

The Beast is Practically a Tank Reworked Like a Cadillac

Autoweek has done some extensive research on the subject and has been able to unearth some well guarded secrets about the Beast and how it was built and some of its remarkable capabilities. The Beast was made in 2009 and is apparently a Cadillac but is as good as a tank. It was designed as a vast improvement on the presidential limousine. Earlier the presidential limousine was built around a stock Cadillac with heavy armor added to it. The Beast was built like a tank and its exterior was reworked as a Cadillac. It was not even built on Cadillac chassis but a General Motors chassis was used to build the presidential ride.

US Presidents armored cadillac-limo Beast

It is an 18 Foot Long Vehicle Weighing 15,000 Pounds

The body armor of the Beast is very thick military grade growing to eight inches on the doors. The fuel tank is also armored and practically leak proof. The wheels have special military grade run flat tires with Kevlar lining. The inside cabin is fully sealed and boasts of its own oxygen supply. The limousine is equipped with some advanced weapons and medical equipment including a supply of the President’s blood type. The 18 foot long vehicle weighs 15,000 pounds because of the reinforced armor. Despite its weight the limousine is capable of powerful performance as it is fitted with a V8 engine. It is capable of very fast acceleration as the engine runs on petrol instead of diesel. There are 12 such limousines in the presidential fleet and each one of them have cost about $1.5 million to make. It will not be easy to better the Beast.

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