Most Expensive Holiday For Dog Costs a Whopping £47,000!

It is hard to digest but the most expensive holiday for dogs rakes up a bill of £47,000! An entire family could have a great trip in that amount. But for dog owners with loads of money, this might not sound like a ridiculous expense. This canine holiday package includes a two week stay at Britain’s most posh dog hotel, The Paw Seasons, which is in Long Ashton near Bristol. Other perks of the trip include a personal chef, limousine transfers, and reiki healing session (yes you read it right). I think the meaning of the phrase ‘It’s a dog’s life’ needs to be changed. This holiday has been organised by, a luxury consumer website.

Interestingly, these guys have roped in ace hurdler Dai Greene to take the pets for runs, after which, they pampered dogs will be treated to a mani- pedi and spa treatment. The dogs can go for swimming and surfing or play board games. They will also get to have a private screening of two doggy movie classics: 101 Dalmatians and Lassie. To ensure that these pet pooches look dapper during their stay, they will get specially made Louis Vuitton and Mulberry dog collars and clothes.

most expensive dog holiday

Like their owners, dogs can be stressed too. In order to de-stress them, they will have a one on one psychiatry session with animal behavioural specialist, Stan Rawlinson. As a goodbye gift, the dogs will get a bespoke dog house made in the image of their owner’s house. They will also get a custom dog car mascot, their portrait, and a DVD that shows the highlights of trip for the dog and their owners to enjoy later. Somebody like Wendy Diamond who hosted the most expensive dog wedding might be interested enough to shell out so much cash for their beloved canine.


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